Microcomputer Enhancement

Helping you get more from your business data!

My goal is helping you and your business be more productive by solving data flow problems using computer software. I see software as just another tool to get the job done. Fortunately, it's a tool I know how to modify to do exactly what is needed.

I have been an independent software consultant for over 20 years. I've worked with numerous clients, implementing software solutions to their business data process problems. In the course of this work, I've had to identify those data flows and design and implement software solutions.

I use modern software development tools and techniques to develop robust solutions not only quickly and inexpensively, but in such a way that these solutions can be easily modified as needs change. I look for cost effective solutions. I work with existing hardware and software where possible, and avoid costly upgrades unless absolutely necessary.

I've written and maintained double entry accounting solutions and MRP / ERP solutions. I've automated spreadsheet creation from stored data. I've worked with data from web pages, credit cards, checks, CAD programs and even manufacturing process monitors and package tracking systems.

I've used hundreds of computer programs and I know when a user interface works and when it doesn't. A good user interface doesn't get in the user's way and allows the user to get the job done with minimum effort.

I've read thousands of pages of documentation. I know good documentation and how to write it. Good documentation allows the user to quickly find the answers needed without reading the whole manual.

I've worked with users with all levels of computer skill. I know how to get to the core of what data they need and what they need to do with it.